Quarantine Days muscle tank

Quarantine Days muscle tank

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Sorry...errr, not sorry! 😂 Quarantine life is hard y’all! We all have good days and not so good days. We may not always be the best version of ourselves, but we sure are having fun laughing at this crazy and this new simple life we are creating... While we may have to be 6 feet apart, we can still root each other on as we get through these quarantine days TOGETHER! Brighten up a friends day with this cute top! ☀️#lovethyneighbor #6feetapart #butstilltogether #sorrynotsorry

{Available in a bella canvas tee and muscle tank • tank runs true to size. This Muscle tank has wider arm holes so if you want it bigger/more flowy go up a size 

*this tee goes perfectly with our “You’ve Got This” card insert  


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