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Hello 2020

Hello 2020... It has been a rough start to the Little Hoot New Year! My kiddos have been home every week for the past 6 weeks... 6 weeks I say! Week 1 My oldest was home with the flu. Week 2 my middle was home with a fever. Week 3 my littlest was home with the yucks. Week 4 we had flu-cation. Week 5 we had Floodpocalypse. Week 6 more flooding....Whewww! The stay at home working mom world has been trumped by my kiddos. Don't get me wrong I love our time together... I really really do. Time does make the heart grow fonder sometimes too haha!

As spring quickly approaches, we will be adding more bright colors to our line! Continuing to expand to more baby and adult items and having more camper shows locally and hopefully in other cities! Thank you for sticking with us as we continue this fun ride! Here's to a great year! 

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