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Hi there! 

I am Colleen Martin.... Thank you for visiting! Here's a little story how I got started in this little business world. I love creating and staying busy all day every day! I hardly stop and when I do its hard for me to turn it off {insert emoji with the big grin and the dancer}! So, when I decided to take an early "retirement" from my gig as a first grade teacher after our second nugget was born, I realized pretty quickly I wanted to do something to keep my creative juices flowing, but would allow me to stay home with our littles...and thus began Little Hoot Designs! My sweet mama and I began it together- she sewed all the applique designs and I freehand drew and graphically created print designs. 

I am a lover of the Lord, a wife to my charming & hysterical husband, Chad, and a mother to three precious children~ Mary Carlisle, Keenan and Charlie. I also could never forget our loyal German Shepherd, Major. I grew up as a BIG Alabama fan and graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Tennessee...HIL-arious! 

My family & friends are my world, photography is my hobby, yoga is my therapy and our kids are my addiction. Laughing and dancing are what makes my sun shine. Hugs and arm tickles are the best medicine. I love an adventure and this has been a very vulnerable yet super fun one! I will never forget the first post I made on facebook and feeling like I was about to fall off a is a scary feeling! Will anyone...even my best friends "like" this?! Eeee!!!!...  But I did it {with sweaty palms}!

I sit here now so incredibly grateful for all of you that have not just liked my designs but encouraged me and loved them so much that you came back for more! My goal was to make adorable yet affordable play clothes for your children to wear daily. Kids get a sense of pride wearing shirts with their name on them and parents enjoy having the ability to change the design to make it their own...its a win win! Seeing your children in Little Hoot is so exciting and makes my heart sing!

Thank you again for your support! I look forward to staying in touch with you through email, Facebook, Instagram & seeing you at our home shows!

Happy Hooting! 



{Photo By Jennifer Crook Photography}